Box Truck Insurance

When searching for commercial box truck insurance, there are many important factors to consider in choosing the right company. Lucky for you, when it comes to box trucks, SafeLine Truck Insurance knows what matters. We can protect your single truck or even a whole fleet at a fraction of the normal cost.

Otherwise known as straight trucks, box vans, or cube vans, box trucks are among the most common in the world. Box trucks usually vary from Class 3 to Class 7 categories, with the ability to haul up to 33,000 pounds. Despite this, they’re able to navigate through urban areas with ease. Therefore, box trucks are perfect for freight transport and need great insurance coverage in the event of any emergency.

What SafeLine Brings to the Table

SafeLine Truck Insurance guarantees that your box truck is covered in every situation. When your driver is on the job, anything can happen. Our team researches every insurance plan to find what best fits the needs of your business while staying within your budget. In other words, we strive to protect your assets for as little as possible. By doing so, we provide peace of mind for you about all of the commercial box trucks you control.

We guarantee that your box trucks will be fully protected with our insurance. After all, our team is the best at keeping your box truck insurance costs affordable and reasonable. You can rest assured that our commercial auto insurance experts will take care of every situation you or your drivers may find yourself in.

Our insurance policies have saved our clients tons of money on many different occasions. Thanks to our knowledge of the trucking industry and all its associated trucking filings, we know everything that a driver needs to be safe on the road. You’ll see that our box truck and straight truck insurance plans will encourage you to trust our team with every challenge you have.

We’re happy to help and are only a phone call away for any additional questions or concerns you’d like us to go over with you one-on-one. With SafeLine, your box trucks are in safe hands.

Contact SafeLine Truck Insurance today, and we’ll get you started right away on your new insurance plan!