California Bobtail Insurance

If you’re a truck driver and you are leasing a truck from a company, your motor carrier most likely requires that your truck is insured for the time when you are not on duty too. After all, accidents can happen at any time, so it is no wonder you’re required to be insured against accidents at all times. To be protected when there is no trailer attached to your truck, you need bobtail insurance.

bobtail insurance

Bobtail Insurance & Non-Trucking Insurance

Bobtail Insurance and Non-Trucking Insurance are often used interchangeably while they are not quite the same thing. Your motor carrier may require that you have either one of these coverages.

Non-Trucking Insurance only covers you when you are not under dispatch. It is a less expensive coverage and  pays for the damage and injuries of other people you’re responsible for. This kind of truck insurance coverage only kicks in when you are not hauling any cargo or using the truck for any business purposes.

Bobtail Insurance pays no matter if you are under dispatch or not. For instance, when you are between terminals and not carrying a trailer, this coverage will protect you.

Always make sure what your motor carrier requires of you. While Non-Trucking Insurance is usually a cheaper option, Bobtail Insurance can cover you in more cases and is more flexible.

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