Big Rig Truck Insurance

Big rigs are the true power of the trucking industry. They haul most of the freight in the US and the demand continues to grow. That is why it can be really profitable to own a big rig. But you also have to remember that owning this kind of truck comes with special risks. To be prepared for them, you need big rig truck insurance that will protect you and your business financially. If your truck is involved in an accident, it can cost you so much it will harm your business.  That is why you need to invest some time into building your big rig truck insurance policy.

Big Rig Truck Insurance

What coverages should your Big Rig Truck Insurance include?

The base for your Big Rig Insurance is Liability Coverage. It’s mandatory for any commercial vehicle. If your truck is at fault, it will pay to the victims of the accident. Property Damage will cover the damage done to their property. Bodily Injury will pay for all the expenses associated with the injuries from the accident.

Physical Damage is another kind of big rig insurance you can’t afford not to have. It will pay for the damage of your own truck no matter who is at fault. Collision insurance will cover all the damage when your truck has been in a collision with another object. Comprehensive insurance will pay for almost any other kind of damage.

Bobtail Insurance will protect you when you are not hauling a trailer. To protect your trailer, you can get trailer insurance, and for cargo there is also cargo insurance.

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