California Big Rig Insurance

Big Rig Insurance

Owning a big rig can bring you great profits. After all, the shipping industry in the U.S. relies on semi-trucks and there is always work for them. But owning a vehicle like this also means taking care of the safety and risk management. Crashes involving big rigs are some of the most dangerous and often result in heavy damage, injuries and even death. Being responsible for a semi-truck accident can get too expensive for your budget. Consequently, without proper coverage your trucking business is never financially secure.

What kind of California Big Rig Insurance do you need?

Big rigs, just like any other commercial vehicle, must have Liability insurance in order you can operate it legally. This coverage pays out to other people when you are responsible for the crash. There are two parts in the coverage: bodily injury and property damage. The bodily injury will pay the medical bills and other expenses associated with victims’ injuries. Property damage will pay for the damage your big rig has done to other people’s property. This coverage is important. Plus, it’s required by law. Semi-trucks are heavy vehicles that can do a lot of damage. Paying for it out of your own pocket can be destructive for your business.

For big rigs you’ll also need Physical Damage Coverage. If your truck is involved in a collision, Collision Insurance will cover the damage no matter who’s at fault. If the damage to your truck is not done in a collision, comprehensive insurance will take care of it. This includes things like vandalsim.

Also, you might need Cargo Insurance. For instance, if you do car transport, this coverage is essential for you.

There are other types of big rig insurance that might be useful for you, such as cargo insurance or bobtail insurance. After all, it’s good business to protect your investment in as many ways as possible.

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