Autonomous Trucks Through FMCSA is looking to gain traction

Autonomous Trucks Through FMCSA is looking to gain traction
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Autonomous trucks need safety rules. Federal regulators are seeking the help of the Trump administration for approval. In turn, the regulators want a survey of private trucking companies. That would help the government establish rules the autonomous trucks need.

Survey of Private Trucking Companies About Autonomous Trucks

These companies took a questionnaire on their feelings towards the growing industry.

The FMSCA Administration is seeking public comment on the survey questionnaire. In turn, the FMCSA is anticipating responses from 2,000 companies. Moreover, these responses will come from commercial fleet managers, researchers, and truck drivers.

Because, The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), designed the questionnaire. In turn, the questionnaire will collect opinions of automated driving systems (ADS). The “Hands-on demonstrations” with ADS technologies are now available.

How to Integrate Vehicles into Fleet Operations with Conventional Trucks

The (ADS)-equipped trucks do hold the promise for various safety-related features and more. Though it’s not clear how the vehicles merge from fleet operations merge with conventional trucks.

VTTI explained in its survey proposal to the Federal Highway Administration last year.

Moreover, the CONOPS will provide the trucking industry with guidelines. In turn, they will get value from ADS-equipped trucks.

Data from CONOPS will go to the U.S. The Department of Transportation. To inform rulemaking related to ADS-equipped trucks.

First, there is an approval by OMB. Afterward, VTTI will gather survey data through four “roadshows.”

Moreover, they will take place at existing trucking conferences around the country. Some of the conferences include the TMC Annual Meeting and the NACV Show. Also, the other conferences include the SAE COMVEC and Automated Vehicle Symposium.

According to FMCSA, the roadshows will provide opportunities to get involved in demonstrations. Moreover, these include in-vehicle demonstrations and closed-course scenarios.

“Lessons learned from this demonstration will influence… CONOPS developed… to real-life fleet operations,” FMCSA stated

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