Assembly Bill 5 Divides The CTA and the OOIDA

Assembly Bill 5 Divides The CTA and the OOIDA
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The California Trucking Association and the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association are not happy with a recent decision about a law called AB5. This law in California is all about whether people who work for themselves should be treated like employees or not. These groups wanted to stop AB5 from affecting truck drivers, but the court said no.

Now, they want to appeal the decision, which means they’re asking another, higher court to take a look and maybe change the decision. This might be surprising because many people thought it would be too hard to win.

The whole issue started back in 2019 when AB5 first came into play. The trucking groups didn’t like it, and they managed to stop it for a little while. But that didn’t last long. Now they’re trying again to stop it from affecting them.

One of the main reasons they’re upset is because they think AB5 goes against another law called the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act. This law says that states can’t make rules that mess with things like prices and services for trucks that go across states.

The trucking groups also tried to argue that AB5 is against the U.S. Constitution because it might mess with how trade works between states. But the court didn’t agree with them.

They also said that AB5 doesn’t treat everyone fairly, but the court didn’t buy that argument either. Some people think there might still be a chance to argue about fairness, so they want to keep fighting.

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association isn’t happy with the court’s decision. They think the court got it wrong, so they’re asking another court to look at it again and hopefully change their minds.

AB5 is a law in California that decides if people who work for themselves are like regular employees or not. This law started in 2019, and it’s been causing a lot of debate since then.

One part of AB5, called the ABC test, is causing trouble for the trucking industry. It says that if someone’s work is too similar to what a company normally does, they should be considered an employee, not an independent worker. This could be a big problem for trucking companies that hire independent drivers to move their goods because it might mean they can’t use them anymore.

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