Army Vehicle Overturned In Texas Flooding

Army Vehicle Overturned In Texas Flooding
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For the last few weeks many of Texas territories have been flooded as a result of as heavy rains that have caused streams and rivers swell. This is what has become the reason of a tactical vehicle overturning at Fort Hood. Four soldiers are missing and five are dead after the army vehicle has been swept away by a stream.

The driver tried to pass a low water crossing when the vehicle overturned. Soon after the accident three soldiers were rescued. They got injuries but reportedly were in stable condition. The teams are still searching for the missing soldiers in the 20-mile long creek using rescue boats, canine search teams, heavy ground equipment and aircraft.

The large territories in central Texas have been affected by the flood. The waterways are rising to the record heights, and many people have already been evacuated in the Houston area. Only in Richmond over 700 people have been evacuated.

Even more rains that will worsen the situation are expected in the region. The new storms can bring up to 10 inches of rain from Thursday through Sunday. A state of emergency have been announced in 31 counties, and more than half of the state is under flood warnings.

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  1. Lane Mathews

    I’m so glad to hear that those brave soldiers were okay. They need to be safe here at home, especially because of how much they risk their lives abroad.

    1. Jennifer H

      Wow! I have been watching this flooding from the mideast and it is crazy. I hope it stops soon. A lot of friends from Texas have been sending me pictures and updates as well. Parents getting stuck at work because by the time they were headed home, certain roads couldn’t be passed.

      This is really sad. My heart and prayers go out to those injured, missing or that lost their lives.

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