Apprenticeship For New Owner-Operators Desired By DOT and Feds

Apprenticeship For New Owner-Operators Desired By DOT and Feds
Mentors May Be Considered For An Owner-Operator Academy.
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2021 has seen it’s challenges with COVID-19 running rampant. There is a supply-chain problem in trucking especially because more and more truckers are dropping from the ranks. This really has everyone politicized and divided. Therefore, an apprenticeship program may be the right answer. You see, an apprenticeship schooling of sorts will be able to develop well-trained drivers upon the road.

Fast tracking new programs will increase existing ones through employer partnerships in order to promote recruitment and bedrock return-on-investment. This is what is best for trucking and the younger truckers.

Apprenticeship is what would really help the younger truckers.

The idea of training new recruits to be owner-operators to be the masters of the roads. But the owner-operator mentor academy is an upcoming group of professional owner-operators destined to teach. The Owners are mentors and CDL-training instructors who will take a student under their wing in an over-the-road apprenticeship for the course of three months. These three-months being only a portion of the student’s own apprenticeship training program, lasting for one-year.

Each mentor is adhering to guidelines for training and safe operation to teach students situational awareness. The trainer is indeed in need of at least five years of experience, with a clean motor vehicle record with safe operational equipment. The trainers are therefore encouraged to encourage the apprentices. into business of owning and operating a small business within the world if trucking.

When completing the course, they will receive a diploma for all the work they were trained in in receiving experience with tanker trucks, refrigerated vans, flatbeds and dry vans.

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