About Our Company – SafeLine Truck Insurance

about company

SafeLine Truck Insurance is an insurance agency based in Burbank. We specialize in commercial truck insurance and other types of commercial auto insurance. Our company is all about providing great insurance policies for any trucking business, owner-operator, or motor carrier.

We can also insure passenger vehicles, such as buses, limos, and others. While keeping rates low, our agents will bind the policy so that your business is safe in any situation. Bottom line: we’ve got your back whatever happens!

About the Company: What Can SafeLine Truck Insurance Offer?

With SafeLine Truck Insurance, you can add any coverage you need to your policy. We can provide insurance for all kinds of commercial trucks, from semi-trucks and box trucks to garbage trucks and construction equipment. If it’s part of your business operations, has an engine, and moves, we can insure it!

SafeLine also provides bobtail insurance, trailer insurance, and many other coverages. You can get affordable liability insurance and also protect your vehicle with physical damage insurance. Furthermore, you can keep your freight safe with cargo insurance and your tractor when you’re not at work with non-trucking insurance. Basically, we’ll take care of all your commercial auto insurance matters so that you can rest easy.

It is always easy to work with SafeLine Truck Insurance. You can request a free quote from us online or contact us to discuss various details. Our agents will find a solution for you even if you don’t have the best driving record. Furthermore, we also make it simple to make a certificate request from us. You can do so online or over the phone.

SafeLine Truck Insurance has some of the best rates for commercial truck insurance. Plus, we offer low down payments with great discounts.

Contact SafeLine today and get optimized coverage today!