5 Best Semi Trucks

5 Best Semi Trucks
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What makes a great semi? Reliability comes to mind. How about comfort? Fuel consumption? The correct answer is “yes” to all of these. When looking for a new or used semi-truck, these trucks are some of the best in the business.

Transtar II Cabover

Cabover’s aren’t the go-to for trucking anymore. With fewer restrictions on truck regulations, these guys have taken a back seat to newer, more modern trucks. The cabover approach to trucking involves a shorter wheelbase. This allows for a more concise and tighter turning radius. If you are operating in smaller spaces like a city, the cabover truck is perfect for you!

R Model Semi Mack Truck

This semi is the workhorse of commercial trucking. There are contesting views as to whether the B series was better than the R, but the B series provided a much rougher ride. The R series is a reliable alternative that provides a little extra comfort. The whole point here is that there is less stress on the driver. A driver who is comfortable can go much further than a driver who isn’t. The engine can fire up in negative temperatures with ease and provides exceptional reliability.

The Kenworth W900A

This semi has an awesome look and drives perfect! It provides a double bunk for more storage, or if there are two drivers, both have adequate sleeping room! The wide turning radius makes a somewhat difficult turn than most other trucks, but this also provides comfort in the ride and can absorb more shock than the rest!

Semi Truck: Kenworth Cabover K100

Another Cabover from a bygone era. With space they saved in making it a cabover, they were able to provide ample space for the driver to sleep in. Having the engine underneath the truck might provide a slightly rougher ride, and it may be a little noisy, but when the engine is off, you’ll be sleeping in something just shy of a condo.

Peterbilt 379

The ole’ Pete’s were great back in the day. A major improvement from the 359 which has significant issues stemming from quality control. For the price and reliability, you can’t beat this guy. finding a used one might be hard considering most trucks that are still in the game are also favorites amongst other truckers, but if you look hard enough you’ll be able to find one. This truck rides like a cloud has more than efficient access to the engine, and more than makes up for the lacking previous model. These trucks are meant to driver for over a million miles with low-cost maintenance.

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