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California Semi-truck Insurance

Semi-trucks are essential to the transportation industry. They are used by many businesses all over the US to cheaply ship goods across the country. Buying a semi-truck can be a good investment that will pay off greatly with time but it is also risky. Big rigs are large sized vehicles and car accidents involving them are dangerous not only to truck drivers but people who they share the road with. According to the statistics, every 16 minutes one person is injured or killed in a truck accident in the United States. Only in 16% of these accidents a truck drivers is at fault. California has the highest number of truck accidents in the country. That’s why the right semi-truck insurance is so important.

Accidents involving semi-trucks can be very destructive and therefore lead to costly property damage and personal injury lawsuits. You need to have an optimal semi-truck insurance to fully protect your investment if your truck is in collision.

Why kind of California Semi-truck Insurance is right for you?

semi-truck insuranceOwners of commercial trucks are required to have specialized insurance. You need to carry at least liability coverage to be able to operate a truck legally. It includes property damage and bodily injury coverage. Truck accidents usually end in property damage. This type of motor carrier insurance pays for the damage. Bodily injury coverage is for the physical harm of the accident victims when your truck driver is at fault.

To be more financially secure, you can add more coverage options to your policy. It is a good idea to add physical damage coverage to protect your truck. It includes:

  • Collision insurance that pays if your truck is damaged in an accident
  • Comprehensive insurance for the off-road accidents like fire and theft

You should also think about:

  • Cargo insurance to cover the loss or damage to your valuable cargo, especially important for car movers and haulers of other valuable cargo
  • Medical insurance to cover any medical costs

There are more options for your truck insurance to help you protect your investment. You have to choose wisely to be sure you are properly covered. Contact SafeLine and learn how you can save on your California semi-truck insurance. Our agents will help you build the right policy that will fit your budget. They will explain all the options to you and advise what’s best. You can request a quote on our website or call us and have one of our agents help you.

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