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If you recently launched a trucking company then you know firsthand how tough it is to secure commercial truck insurance. Let alone good insurance. Companies are reluctant to award an affordable and quality policy to new trucking business owners. This just how it is. When they do issue insurance, the policy is usually not a great one. High premiums, big deposits upfront, and in general, the companies just aren’t that great.

Problem is you’re just starting out, so you’ll take what you can get. But when you’re building a new business high rates and hefty premiums are seriously counterproductive. In fact, they can be downright crippling to progress.

But here’s some good news for new truck business owners. Once you’ve had insurance and a DOT number for one year, you’re eligible for insurance renewal. Now you and your company have proven yourself, you’re legit. You don’t have to settle for a cruddy policy.

Now you’re free to shop for insurance that perfectly matches the needs of your business. You’ve got to run with this opportunity. Don’t just settle for the status quo because it’s easy. Take control of your business and find a company that truly wants to partner with you, offering affordable rates that help company growth and don’t hurt the bottom line.


If you fit the below criteria, then we’re the best fit for you.

  • Operate trucks that travel from 0 – 500 miles or CALIFORNIA only
  • Have had a DOT number for one calendar year
  • Need DOT and MC (FEDERAL) filings

If you check all these boxes, then it’s time to upgrade your truck insurance. That starter policy is doing you no favors. Truck insurance for your business is meant to help your company to thrive, not hold you back. Therefore, stop paying exorbitant rates and outrageous premiums and don’t let your provider sneak in last second renewal notices without proper warning.

Safeline Truck Insurance offers superior rates and seriously affordable premiums. After all, our goal is to partner with you for years to come, so your success is important to us. So get rid of your old, crummy insurance and set a course for the future with a respected leader in the industry, Safeline Insurance. We’re on your side!

Contact us today and we’ll get you started on your new plan!