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California Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the type of motor carrier insurance that is legally required to operate any commercial truck in California. It is the basic insurance coverage that pays in case of other people’s injuries or property damage when you are at fault. For instance, if there is an accident and another person is injured or killed and/or their vehicle is damaged, this type of truck insurance will cover expenses you are responsible for.

Liability insurance always includes two types of coverage: property damage and bodily injury insurance. Property damage will cover repairing or replacing damaged vehicles. It will also pay for damaged buildings, objects in the street and other items up to the selected limits. Bodily injury coverage will pay for hospital bills, nursing care, medical and other expenses depending on the selected limits.

If you are sued because of your involvement with the truck accident, liability insurance will cover your legal defense expenses.

Liability Insurance

California Liability Insurance Limits

When you are getting liability insurance, you have to select the limits. Your coverage limits show the max amount you can use should you need your California truck insurance coverage. The limits can be split or combined into one as a CSL – combined single limit.

If the max in your coverage is split, you get the numbers for:

  • Bodily Injury payment per person. It is the largest amount your insurance can pay per single person’s injuries.
  • Bodily Injury payment for all the people in the accident. It is the largest amount your insurance will cover for the injuries of everyone involved in the accident.
  • Total property damage.

With a CSL, there’s only one total max that will be paid for all the damage and injuries you are at fault of.

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