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California Garbage Truck Insurance

If you have a garbage truck in your business, no matter if you are an owner operator or run a company, you cannot afford losing money over it because of an accident. You have invested a lot in your truck and a single crash can result in thousands of dollars being spent on repairs. That is why you need to make sure your truck is covered with proper Garbage Truck Insurance. It will protect your investment in any situation and keep you from financial problems. Repairing or replacing a garbage truck can become a real burden for your budget without the right policy.

garbage truck insurance

What kind of California Garbage Truck Insurance do you need?

Liability Insurance is required to legally operate any commercial truck. It protects you when your garbage truck is at fault and pays to other people involved in the accident. There are two parts in this truck insurance policy: Bodily Injury that covers medical bills and Property Damage that pays for damage of a vehicle or other property.

Physical Damage is another coverage you better have. It will cover expenses to repair or replace your garbage truck even if you are at fault. Collision insurance will protect you in case of collision, and comprehensive insurance will pay for all non-collision incidents. You can’t be fully protected without this kind of insurance.

Med Pay will protect garbage truck driver and cover medical expenses if the truck is involved in an accident regardless of who is at fault.

To get proper California garbage truck insurance policy, that will cover you in any situation, you have to talk to an experienced agent. At SafeLine Truck Insurance we will be happy to offer our help at creating a perfect truck coverage policy for you. Call us for a free quote and protect your trucking business today!