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California Dump Truck Insurance

Dump truck is a heavy duty vehicle that is used to transport materials like gravel, sand and dirt. Dump truck insurance is a type of commercial vehicle insurance that is legally required to operate a dump truck. In order to use a dump truck for your business, you need liability insurance coverage.

When you own a business of any sort, you want to keep it protected. It does not matter if you are a private contractor and you have just one dump truck or if you are a company owner with a commercial vehicles fleet, you have invested a lot in your business. You want to make sure your investment is protected.

Dump truck is a large sized vehicle and it is usually used off-road. So whenever there is a collision involving a vehicle of such a size, the damage is quite extensive. If there’s a car crash with a dump truck, it usually brings deadly results. Statistics are quite somber:  every week there is one dump truck fatality in the United States.

dump truck insuranceThat is why you need to take care of your dump truck insurance. It is not just a paper you need to have for the legal reasons. It ensures your financial safety. As any basic commercial truck insurance coverage, it includes property damage liability coverage and minimum bodily injury. This is the basic coverage you need to have to be able to use a dump truck in your business. But to be sure you have the right dump truck insurance that will protect your business, you can include additional options.

For instance, you can consider the following California truck insurance options:

  • Cargo

This type of truck insurance can be required if you ship valuable cargo.

  • Physical damage

Most of the times when you lease a commercial vehicle from a dealership, this type of insurance is required to compensate any damage to your truck.

  • Collision

This type of truck coverage pays to repair the damage done to your truck as a result of a collision with another vehicle or object. It is also a part of physical damage coverage.

  • Fire and theft

This kind of truck insurance will cover the damages if your dump truck has been in a fire or got stolen.

There are more options to make your dump truck insurance perfect for your business. Call SafeLine Insurance to learn about insurance we provide and get your business covered today! Our agents will help you get the insurance that fits your needs.