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California Commercial Truck Insurance

It can be very rewarding to be in the trucking business. Whether you are a motor carrier or owner-operator, have towing or other kinds of service involving trucks, your livelihood is dependent on these vehicles. This is the reason it is so crucial to have optimized commercial truck insurance. Should anything happen to your truck, your insurance company must be able to cover at least most of the expenses. If your truck is not properly insured, a crash or other situation can become a real threat to your whole business.

commercial truck insurance

What kind of California Commercial Truck Insurance do you need?

What coverages you need depends on what kind of commercial truck you have and what you use it for. For instance, car carriers and box trucks require different kinds of truck insurance. To see what coverage works best for you, you can discuss it with a professional insurance agent.

The base of your commercial truck insurance is liability insurance. If your truck causes an accident, this coverage will pay for Bodily Injury and Property Damage. This truck insurance is not just a legal requirement but a piece of mind. Truck accidents often bring a lot of damage and turn fatal.

While liability insurance pays to other people, Physical Damage will pay for the damage to your truck no matter who is at fault. Collision Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance, two parts of this coverage, will protect you from many kinds of damage.

What other kinds of commercial truck coverage you should choose is better to discuss with an insurance agent. Call SafeLine Truck Insurance and let us help you get the coverage that will protect your business, as well as fit in your budget. Same day insurance quotes are available online!

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