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SafeLine Truck Insurance is your reliable commercial truck insurance agency. For a decade we have been helping trucking businesses, small and big, motor carriers and owner operators get optimized coverage that would protect them in all possible situations. We are one of the top providers of commercial auto insurance in California and we understand your truck coverage needs!

It is easy to work with us. SafeLine is a responsible partner to each of our clients. When you call us or visit our office, you always get the assistance you need and professional advice from our experienced agents. If you are looking for a truck insurance quote, one of our licensed agents will provide you with it, helping you optimize your coverage so it would protect your financially and fit in your budget.Read More

We will assist you with every step of the process and make sure all your truck insurance questions are answered. With SafeLine Truck Insurance you will get the coverage that will perfectly suit your trucking business needs.

We want you to feel safe financially, and it applies to our insurance rates as well. At SafeLine we understand that all trucking businesses, owner operators and motor carriers have unique insurance needs and financial situations. SafeLine Truck Insurance has some of the most affordable rates for California commercial auto insurance. We offer low down payments and flexible payment plans and often have discounts available. Even if you have some problems like a bad driving record, our agents will find a way to get you the right commercial vehicle coverage at the price as low as possible. We always have your back!

SafeLine Truck Insurance is your helping hand in getting optimal insurance coverage for every kind of truck, as well as other commercial vehicles. We do semi-truck insurance and tow truck insurance, any trailer insurance and cargo insurance. We work with all the coverages, starting from liability insurance and physical damage and ending with Med Pay. At SafeLine you can also insure your passenger vehicles such as buses and limousines.

With SafeLine Truck Insurance you can rest assured your claim will be handled professionally by our highly trained staff. Our team will do their best to help you get back to the business without interruptions to avoid any losses. We are also proud of our customer service level. You can call us at any time during our business hours and we will help you with updating your policy and any other insurance matters and questions.

Every driver and every business should be able to get the right insurance coverage and it is our aim to provide it. No matter how big or small your company is and how many point you have on your driver license, SafeLine Truck Insurance will help you protect your livelihood. Call us today and let us help you get protection that you deserve!
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